Drones with Camera

Drones with camera are very popular and useful nowadays , what makes them very special is the HD camera attached to them.  Among the Drone uses with camera is the aerial photography: drones with camera are providing new angles which were hard to reach before, taking the photographing and filming to next level. Here is a guide on how to get started as well as basic tips to handle drones with Camera: Choosing Suitable Drone with Camera Camera technology is still advancing nowadays to reach more precision and higher definition…

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Top 10 Drone Uses

Drones uses

Drones are used for several purposes nowadays. Drone uses vary from just for fun uses to noble goals such as saving our world and humanity. They can also deliver medical supplies in emergency cases, Pizza,  packages and even a full case of cold beer. It is not possible to list all the drone uses, so we are going to point out the top 10 best uses of drones : 1) Bringing Aid to Developing  Countries When it comes to bringing aid to developing countries, lack of roads and infrastructure remained…

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Mini Drones: Top 5 best

top best mini drones

Mini Drones (Quadcopters) Mini Drones (also called Mini Quadcopters) , as the name suggests, are little small drones mainly for kids as well as for fun usages. The Mini Drones for kids are designed to increase safety for both the drone and the kid, they have special Flight Control System that makes the drone easy to control for beginners, and even more options to allow the drone automatically go back home safe. Another cool feature for Mini Drones is that they are called RTF drones (Ready to Fly), which means that…

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Top 10 Best Drones ( Best Rated)

Get drones for sale

Top 10 Best Drones Drones are going viral nowadays, and many companies are competing to create the best drones.It is not easy to pick the Top 10 Best Drones list as there are many different types of drones nowadays, and to decide which ones are the best in markets we should consider major factors such as: The Functionality of the Drone, The Flight Control System, the Durability of the drone materials, the Quality of the Camera (if the drones has Camera), the Battery Time and the Price of the Drone.…

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