Mini Drones: Top 5 best

top best mini drones

Mini Drones (Quadcopters)

Mini Drones (also called Mini Quadcopters) , as the name suggests, are little small drones mainly for kids as well as for fun usages.

The Mini Drones for kids are designed to increase safety for both the drone and the kid, they have special Flight Control System that makes the drone easy to control for beginners, and even more options to allow the drone automatically go back home safe.

Another cool feature for Mini Drones is that they are called RTF drones (Ready to Fly), which means that they are already assembled and they do not require knowledge on how to assemble or disassemble them.

Not only kids can use Mini Drones, those who are looking for fun and competitions also can buy these cool Mini drones and start the entertainment. Some of these Mini Drones are called Aerobatic or Acrobatic drones, with small and agile design. These mini drones are capable of performing 360° rolls and loops, back-flips, upside-down flying and many other moves.

There are many Mini drones nowadays in the market to choose from but we picked the Top best 5 Mini Drones to buy in 2016 and their features in the list below:

# 5: Parrot Hydrofoil


Parrot Hydrofoil mini drone
Parrot Hydrofoil

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The Parrot Hydrofoil is a new Mini Drone from the Parrot that allows you to connect the drone to a hydrofoil and skim across the water with a max speed of 6 MPH. So beside the fun of controlling the drone there is the extra fun of skimming across the water. And you can participate in competitions with other people who have similar drones and have a great fun

race. This Parrot Hydrofoil is considered as the perfect drone for kids and those who enjoy the water race without worrying about their drone as this Mini drone is a water-proof drone.


# 4 : Parrot Bebop


Parrot Bebop mini drone
Parrot Bebop

The Parrot Bebop is one of the best Aerobatic or Acrobatic Mini Drones; which is capable of performing  amazing aerobatic moves such as rolls and stunts. This Bebop has a built-in FPV (First Person View) Camera to let you enjoy the view as if it were you flying in the sky.

With a very affordable price, this Mini Drone Bebop is one of the leading drones in the market and it’s quite safe to use by kids.

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# 3: Parrot Airborne

Parrot Airborne Mini drone night
Parrot Airborne Night
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The Parrot Airborne is another new Mini Drone from Parrot and its special design of extra plastic that goes around the Propellers of the drone. That certainly provides an extra plus security for  kids and environment on the one hand and the drone itself on the other hand.
The Airborne comes in with 2 varieties: Night and Cargo. The Night version will light on the LEDs in the night time by using the FreeFlight 3 App which you can download from the Online store.

Parrot airborne cargo mini drone
Parrot Airborne Cargo
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The Cargo version allows you to attach to the Mini Drone some small payloads and have fun transporting them around the house.


# 2: Quadpro NC5

NC5 Nano quadcopter
Quadpro NC5
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The Nc5 Nano Quadcopter is one of the best Mini Drones for kids; very small with a size of 8*20mm .

This Mini drone is designed with 4 channels RC (Remote Control) 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity Permits which make it easy and safe to fly this drone for beginners and kids.

One of the best features is that the NC5 mini drone is designed for fun: with 2-level adjustable speed flip function. This drone can perform Air Stunt show with amazing LED lights and can perform also 360° 4 ways flips (forward, backward, left and right).

The NC5 Quadcopter can be used both Indoor and Outdoor, simply a high speed RTF mini drone with a range of 30-50 meters and a flight time up to 7 minutes thanks to the 100mAh Battery.

# 1: Air Hogs Star Wars

Air hogs millennium mini drone
Air Hogs Star Wars

The Air Hogs Star Wars Edition is one of the coolest Mini Drones in the market. The Millennium Falcon Quad  has a unique Star Wars design with iconic LED lights and authentic sounds. Which lets you feel the Star Wars universe either at home or outdoor.

This Mini drone is designed with 4 rotors for a space-like flight and uses 6 * AA Batteries.

For more fun, this Air Hog Star Wars edition has an extra button to activate the Hyper-Drive mode which allows you to do cool stunts.

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