Top 10 Drone Uses

Drones uses

Drones are used for several purposes nowadays. Drone uses vary from just for fun uses to noble goals such as saving our world and humanity. They can also deliver medical supplies in emergency cases, Pizza,  packages and even a full case of cold beer.

It is not possible to list all the drone uses, so we are going to point out the top 10 best uses of drones :

1) Bringing Aid to Developing  Countries

Delivery drone DHL
DHL Delivery drone

When it comes to bringing aid to developing countries, lack of roads and infrastructure remained one of the biggest challenges. However with the invention of the Matternet One drone, that terrestrial challenge is over now as this smart drone can carry a payload box up to 1 Kg of medical supplies and over 20 Kilometers just for one single battery charge.

The Matternet One does not need a pilot, a doctor or any person can use a mobile application which can be downloaded in their smart phones, to choose the landing station for the drone. The application then will use a cloud-based routing system that will find the best and safest route by commanding the drone to avoid any building obstacle, the height can be between 50 to 100 meters.

The Doctors Without Borders are currently testing this Matternet One drone, these drones did and would save lives which presents a huge benefit to humanity.


2) Decreasing Unemployment Rate

Decreasing Unemployment rate
Employment graph in USA

With the current unstable economy all over the world that witnesses several crisis moments, the rate of unemployment is challenging almost all governments.

Drones will decrease Unemployment rate: the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) analysis made in 2015 estimated that Drones trade will create about 70.000 jobs in the United states in the future, with an economic impact of 13.6 billion dollars in the next 3 years.

That can also decrease the Unemployment rate in other countries in the future as they will integrate drones in many fields.


3) Forecasting the Weather

Global Observer UAV
AeroVironmen’s Global Observer

Super natural disasters like storms and hurricanes often cause severe damage to properties and even more can cause loss of life. Luckily with drones forecasting the weather, there can be an advanced pre-warning that would save lives as well as reduce the amount of damage.

There are specific Drones (UAVs) designed for such purpose, such as the AeroVironmen’s Global Observer, which is designed to monitor the development of the weather conditions in real-time on the one hand, and to supply both images and data concerning storms on the other hand. This is very helpful to make necessary measures before anything happens.

Sometimes the communications equipment, such as the satellite downlinks and cell towers can be damaged by storms, which stops communication with people who need help and evacuation.

Luckily the Global Observer’s communications drone – with its communications payload – is capable to keep the emergency services connected in order to coordinate the evacuations and relief operations.

The Global Observer drone is designed to fly up to six days at a height of 55.000 feet, and over up to 600 miles in diameter. This is quite an effective innovation that may reduce enormously the loss of human lives as well as properties.

4) Fighting the Air Pollution

Fighting Air pollution
Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the huge threats nowadays on earth. However drones can be very helpful as some specific drones are assembled with a range of sensors to detect meteorological measurements: temperature, air pressure, humidity.

These drone’s sensors are capable of detecting poisonous particles in air, and then spraying appropriate chemicals that can eliminate the pollutants in air and make them fall to the ground.

Fire Chief Andy Cashmore says: “They could look for fibers and heavy metals in the smoke, and that will include asbestos.”

In China some drones are used now to fight air pollution and this is quite promising in future to make our world a better place


5) Improving Agriculture

Agriculture Drone
Agriculture Drone

Farmers, while using Drones as a new technology, they are exploring new ways to survey as well as achieve best results for both quantity and quality of crops.

Drones are cheap, effective and precise for gathering important information about the farmland no matter how large the latter is. These specific drones have multi-band sensor that can capture images of crops using non visible light.

This new technology helps farmers to collect basic information  about the growth of the crop, and to know when as well as where to deploy fertilizer. On the other hand the sensors have algorithms that detect and reveal the health of crop, which aids farmers to know when to use pesticides. Therefore pesticides are applied strategically rather than universally, which may lead to an evolution to agriculture.

6) Monitoring Country Borders

Monitoring Country borders
Monitoring Country borders

Monitoring country borders , through using patrol conventional technology, was and still is one of the huge challenges especially for long borders areas where can be many illegal trades of drugs or weapons.

Drones are becoming very useful nowadays especially in the USA as the US government started to use a specific drone called “Predator Class UAV” , which is capable of monitoring the illegal traffic in the Mexican border as well as recording multiple videos to detect any suspicious presence of drug smugglers.

This fixed-wing Predator drone is facilitating the work of agents to take action in the right place and time in order to decrease significantly any illegal traffic.


7) Reducing Delivery time

Delivery Drone
Delivery Drone

As we all know that delivering packages may often take long time, whether because of traffic delay or the traditional sending people around the country to deliver stuff by hand. Most companies nowadays are aware of such issue as time is a very fundamental when it comes to business.

Drones are presenting the best alternative as they are cheap and reliable to save both time and money fees especially reducing the carbon footprint.

For instance, Amazon as a company is currently using the Prime Air services to deliver such small packages in a short time (under 30 minutes), DHL company on the other hand has started already trying the ParcelCopter drone in Europe to ship items in shorter times.


8) Racing and Fun


Parrot Hydrofoil mini drone
Parrot Hydrofoil
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Drones are lot of fun especially for kids, surfers, skateboarders and even tourists. Some drones are designed mainly for fun purposes, they are capable of doing rolls, stunts and free-styling  moves.

In fact there are arranged Drones races in some abandoned areas or car park, where people (drones pilots) race using their custom-built drones. It is for sure a lot of fun to participate in drones race, especially with the FPV (First Person View) mode which allows you to navigate the drone through the on-board camera.

Beside Air races, there are some specific drones for Water race such as the Parrot Hydrofoil. The Parrot Hydrofoil drone is designed to skim across water thanks to the Hydrofoil attached to it.

9) Taking Art and Photography to next level


DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter
DJI Phantom PRO 3
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Drones with cameras such as The DJI Phantom 3 which is considered one of the top best camera drones. The DJI Phantom 3 has a 12 mega pixel HD Camera which is capable of recording up to 60 FPS in Full HD Resolutions.

There is a second version for more Professional Photography which can record 4K Videos up to 30 FPS but it is more expensive.

Drones can and will ( as estimated by researches) take the Photography to a new level. This is a new opportunity for amateurs who post Facebook or Instagram pictures as well as for Professional film makers who can have wider range of angles up in the sky.

10) Surveying Remote Archaeological Sites

DJI Phantom 2 Drone
DJI Phantom 2

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

As it is often time and effort consuming to survey archaeological sites – especially in remote locations- drones proved to be an effective as well as cheap way to reach such remote locations.

The DJI Phantom 2 is one of the specific drones designed to survey archaeological sites and provide quite important information to scientists, they can draw a 3D map of sites which can be a huge deal to history.

The md4-200 is a micro drone which is can be used to survey archaeological sites, it was used actually in the Tuketa (in Russia’s Alatai Mountains) to survey ancient burial mounds.

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